17 Jan

What to Expect When Getting a Check-Up at a Skin Cancer Clinic

Even if you have fair skin, it is still a good idea to ask your doctor if you should have a regular skin cancer test. Basically, such a check will let a dermatologist know if you have some skin irregularities that can be benign or can turn into cancer someday. As you can see, this disease is one of the most common types of cancer today, which means that many people are at risk of developing it. However, NEWS.com.au still found out that many Australians are failing to get regular skin checks, putting them at increased risk of dying from such a condition. Now, it should not be that way. You should schedule yourself to get these tests every once in a while. Keep in mind that this type of cancer is one of the easiest kinds to treat if caught early on. If you are wondering what will happen during a visit at a skin cancer clinic Rothwell, Kippa Ring, Clontarf, Redcliffe, or any other suburb in Queensland has, here are things that you can expect:


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Checking of Cancer Signs

Initially, a dermatologist would check the basic aspects of your moles first. For example, Kippa Ring doctors would check your moles’ asymmetry (whether or not they have the same shapes on both sides), border (whether or not they are irregular, ragged, or blurred), colour (whether or not they have different shades), diameter (if they are larger than .25 inch), and evolution (whether or not they are changing over time). All of these can indicate whether they are cancerous or not. Aside from this, dermatologists would also check for actinic keratosis.

Equipment Used

The standard device used in skin screening is the dermatoscope, which will allow the doctor to get a magnified look at any suspicious irregularity on your skin. Using such a device is painless.

Duration of the Test

More often than not, a skin screening would just take up to 30 minutes. This includes the time when Clontarf doctors, for example, ask you questions about your health, the time when you tell them about skin irregularities that you are having, and the time when the actual check is carried out.

Possibility of Biopsy or Surgery

So, what if a skin cancer clinic Rothwell has found something that could be malignant? Typically, the doctor will inform you right away. Further tests would be performed, which can include the doctor taking a small sample of your skin’s irregularity for biopsy. In most cases, removal of the abnormal spot will be recommended and done in the clinic. Depending on the type of skin cancer, non-surgical treatments, such as radiotherapy and creams, would also be used.

Cost of Screening

Basically, the price of such a test would depend on the clinic where you would have it. In Queensland, you will be able to claim for a rebate through Medicare, like in any other state in Australia.

Post-Screening Requirements

Depending on the findings of your test, you might need to book doctors appointment near Redcliffe, Rothwell, Kippa Ring, Clontarf, or wherever you are in Queensland for follow-up checks. The frequency of these screenings would also depend on how serious your skin problem is.

Generally, it is recommended to get a test if you have a suspicious irregularity on your skin or if you are prone to having skin cancer. In this regard, you should subject yourself to such a test about once a year. Now, for an accredited skin cancer clinic Rothwell, Kippa Ring, Clontarf, Redcliffe, or any other suburb in Queensland has, you can visit www.smartclinics.com.au.


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